OKB Today’s market activity saw a surge  in the three altcoins cosmos (ATOM),  .OKB, and ravencoin (RVN), as sentiment in  almost all major cryptoassets notably improved.

Cosmos The pump for ATOM,  .Cosmos.the native token of the Cosmos chain, started  on Friday around 7 am UTC when ATOM unexpectedly.

broke past the USD 14 threshold after  an earlier failed attempt at the same.  .Before dropping back below the USD 16  mark, the price rose as high as USD 17.2.

With no substantial resistance levels in its  way, ATOM currently appears to be poised to surge. further, according to technical analysis. On the  daily period, the Relative Strength Index (RSI).

has already entered ‘ overbought’ area, suggesting  that the rise may have reached its limit.

A blockchain network called Cosmos  attempts to provide interoperability. between various blockchains.

The network  uses the same proof-of-stake consensus . mechanism that Ethereum will adopt after  its eagerly awaited Merge later this month.


ATOM was up 20.2% and trading at USD 15.797  at the time this article was written. The  .token has increased by 24% over the last  week and by 38% over the last 30 days.

OKB. OKB The second coin to experience.

Around 1 PM UTC on Thursday, the token began  to pump, and over the next three hours,  .saw significant gains. OKB retreated to the USD  16.

5 level after rising as high as USD 17.5. .The USD 17 level did not hold for OKB yesterday,

and as a result, it now acts as an area of upside  .resistance. This information is important for  understanding the technical outlook. However, if.

the price is able to get enough traction to pass  through that level,

USD 18 and USD 22 will emerge  .as the next crucial points to pay attention to.

The RSI, which is currently in neutral area with  .a reading of 50, suggests that OKB still  has opportunity for some additional rise. OKB was trading at USD 16.515 as of 11:25  UTC, up over 20% on the day.


The token has.gained 6.8% during the past week while  losing 9.2% over the previous 30 days. Ravencoin.  Ravencoin Among the top 100 cryptoassets. by market capitalization,

is the third coin to stand out with a significant pump today.

The coin’s ascent originally began late on Thursday night UTC, then picked up speed early. on Friday as the price broke through USD 0.038.

Since Ethereum is switching to proof-of-stake.

the coin has drawn the interest of miners who view it as a different coin to mine. Additionally,

interest among traders also seems to be increasing  as the merging of Ethereum gets closer by the day. .However, keep in mind that before the  rally can continue, the coin still needs.

to overcome resistance near the USD 0.044 level. At 11:25 UTC, RVN was trading at USD 0.

04361, up. over 21% over the previous 30 days, 51.5% over the  previous 7 days, and 20% over the last 24 hours. As a cryptocurrency that is only concerned with  the transfer of value from one party to another,. Ravencoin was launched in 2018 and is  based on a fork of the Bitcoin protocol.


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