shiba inu

What is Shiba?

shiba Whoever said investing has to be mundane. The Shiba Inu a cryptocurrency based on, you guessed it, a Shiba If you think that’s unusual, it’s actually the.second cryptocurrency that uses the lovable dog breed as a.symbol.

That’s not by accident.

The Shiba  on.Ethereum’s blockchain. And launched in 2020 as a 100% by its community.

The idea was to compete with.Dogecoin. The other Shiba branded cryptocurrency. Shib is the.main coin and is exchange.

It’s also.used as a means to interact with the ecosystem..Including as a means to exchange for its other two.tokens, leash and bone. Leash was originally intended to.mirror the doge price.But its use has shifted to providing.holders with an exclusive membership token.Unlocking.various perks and access to other Shiba Inu applications.


While Shib inu has.hundreds of trillions of tokens by design to encourage use and.tradability there are only 107,647 total leash coins.

The third token is bone which is a governance token that.allows holders to vote on future decisions for the.project. Fans and supporters of Shiba as the inu.Army and use phrases such as bury and fetch instead of.

words like stake or trade adding a bit Shib more fun.

Since.the inu ecosystem is Ethereum Shib blockchain.

It.also shares the blockchain’s Shib functionality. For example,.it’s Ethereum based coins.

The inu incubator helps.artists Shib raise money,create and share their creative projects.on Ethereum.

Lastly, the blockchain also hosts the inu .NFT collection. 10,000,  today.

Learn about inu, a dog-themed memecoin cryptocurrency hosted on the Ethereum blockchain.

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What is Shiba Inu? (SHIB)

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